Wellness & Reconnection Centre

Welcome to the Wellness Reconnection Centre at Proactive, a registered allied health provider with Medicare Australia specialising in veteran care.

In collaboration with our Wellness and Reconnection Centre, Proactive offers clinical exercise interventions tailored for eligible veterans dealing with existing chronic and complex medical conditions and physical injuries. 

These interventions take place in our state-of-the-art gym and pool, complemented by health and physical education advice and support.

As part of our commitment to fostering a supportive community, the Armoury Bar is open every Friday night throughout the AFL season for our members, their families, friends, and invited guests. 

This space provides a relaxed environment for individuals to unwind, fostering connections with like-minded people. 

It serves as a safe haven for conversations, allowing members to debrief and plan activities, all supported by the resources and guidance offered by Due South. 

Join us in promoting holistic well-being and creating a space where individuals can thrive physically and emotionally.

Step into The Community Hub

The Community Hub is a space designed to bridge the broader community with veterans and first responders through the powerful avenues of social connection, training, and reintegration. 

Linked seamlessly with the Due South Armoury Bar, our hub is not only a place of gathering but also a versatile venue available for hire as a function center. Equipped with a licensed bar, restaurant, café, function center, and beer garden, our hub creates an inviting atmosphere.

The community vegetable garden and warm fire pits provide additional elements of charm and relaxation. 

All these facilities are proudly staffed and managed by the dedicated Due South volunteer team, ensuring a welcoming and vibrant environment for everyone who walks through our doors. 

Whether you’re looking to host an event or simply enjoy the camaraderie, our Community Hub stands as a testament to the power of community connections and shared experiences. Join us in fostering a space where unity and support flourish.

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