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16 Beds

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14 Beds

The Due South Multipurpose large accomodation facility serves as a cornerstone of our initiatives, particularly between the months of  July and November, functioning as a vital support hub for our wellness and recconection courses. 

This state of the art facility boast expansive communal accomodation rooms alongside fully equipped family apartments. 

Designed with versatility in mind, the facility features multipurpose recreational and entertainment areas.  These spaces are not only conductive to communal living but also serve as a dynamic setting for various activities, inculding BBQ’s, course related exercises, fitness programs, adventure training preperations. Moreover, these spaces transform into vibrant venues for live music performances featuring the Due South Ambassadors, adding a touch of cultural enrichment and entertainment to the overall experience.  

The commitment to offering a modern and inclusive environment ensures that participant in our wellness and reconnection courses have access to all the amenities necessary for the comphrehensive and fulfulling experience.  

This commitment extends seamlessly to the Due South Wellness and Reconneciton Centre, designed as a modern Australia military facility.  This intentional design fosters familiaraity amoung attending veterans, aiding in reconnecitons and enhacing the overall effectiveness of our initiatives and course programs.  The goal is to create a comprehensive and fulfilling experience that addresses the unique needs of  our participants.