To our Team of Due South volunteers

The Heart of Due South:

At the core of Due South beats the collective spirit of our volunteer team—like-minded individuals driven by a shared commitment to give back to our service personnel.

We are more than an organisation, we are a community of dedicated volunteers who believe in supporting those who have served our community and country.

Through our wellness initiatives, we extend a helping hand to these remarkable individuals, and in doing so, we find fulfillment and purpose for ourselves.

Our volunteer team is the lifeblood of Due South, essential to the very existence of our model. We operate as a cohesive team, a family united by the common goal of making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Together, we grow, learn, and work harmoniously, always seeking joy, happiness, and a strong sense of community spirit.

In the Heart of Due South, the contributions of our volunteers are invaluable. Their selflessness and dedication embody the essence of our mission, creating a nurturing space where camaraderie and shared purpose flourish.

We recognise that, in helping others through our wellness initiatives, we are, in turn, helping ourselves.

The Heart of Due South is a testament to the power of teamwork, shared joy, and the enduring spirit of community.


Our Support for Our Volunteer Family

At Due South, we firmly believe in the principle that good actions come back tenfold.

As an expression of our gratitude for the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, we extend our services to them in times of both joy and challenge.

Our volunteers have access to a range of amenities, including our pool, community hub, and gym facilities, made available through a convenient booking system.

Moreover, we organise daily events and overnight adventure activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among our volunteer community.

As a collective group, we view our volunteers not merely as participants but as lifelong friends.

Our commitment to supporting our volunteer family remains unwavering. We understand that their contributions are the heartbeat of Due South, and as such, we strive to create an environment where they feel valued, supported, and connected.

Together, we embrace the spirit of friendship and unity that defines the Due South volunteer family.


To the Seasonal South Team

Each time you clock in, you are making a difference in the lives of the individuals who serve our community and our country. Due South is an organisation that encourages hand-ups and not hand-outs, you enable us to do that with your hard work and dedication to Seasonal South and its patrons. Thank you for turning up each day and giving it your all – it has been an honour to work alongside each of you.

To Our Major Supporters

We acknowledge that you have a myriad of choices when it comes to supporting causes, making investments, or uplifting your spirit through various purchases. Yet, you chose to invest in us and our vision, and for that, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. 

Your financial support has been instrumental, but equally impactful has been your active role in amplifying our presence through your networks and interactions.

At Due South, we take great pride in standing beside supporters like you as we collectively strive towards our vision. 

Your commitment and belief in our mission have not only fuelled our initiatives but have also significantly contributed to the positive change we aim to bring about. 

Thank you for choosing to be a vital part of the Due South journey.

 Together, we are making a difference and creating meaningful impact.

To all our supporters

Your contribution to the Due South vision is highly valued and we are honoured to have you come on-board with us as we continue to achieve our goals together. Due South pride ourselves on the value we place on the ‘hand-up not hand-out’ method, and each and every one of you have offered us your hand. Thank you.

Add Your Business

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To each of you reading this

Thank you for your time and attention for it is your most precious resource. 

Our Due South Team may no longer be on duty to officially serve our country but with each and every one of you we are given the opportunity to serve something greater. Humanity. If service has taught us one thing, it is look after your brothers and they will look after you – whatever you are doing to lift the hearts and minds of those around you keep it up.

If you want to be involved with the Due South vision, please reach out – we look forward to hearing from you.

The battle is not over, we still have miles to trek;
Keep your chin up mate, for you cannot lose our respect

– Due South.