Due South

Veterans and First Responders

Ulverstone – TASMANIA

Australia’s leading self-funded organisation for Veterans and First Responders in wellness initiatives and reconnection.

Due South is a self-funded, world-class wellness organisation for Veterans and First Responders.

Due South, is a self-funded organisation committed to delivering wellness initiatives for our nation’s Veterans, First Responders, and their families. 

Serving as a logistical hub, we provide unique and tailored wellness experiences designed to support the brave individuals who serve our country.

Out facilities include 3 purposefully designed homes, 3 family apartments, and an off- grid retreat property. 

At our Wellness and Reconnection Centre, you’ll find a community hub, clubhouse, large accommodation facility, specialist centre, fully equipped gymnasium, and hydrotherapy pool.

Driven by selfless team of dedicated volunteers, our wellness programs are carefully planned and delivered. Importantly, our charity model excludes wages, ensuring that every donation aligns with our commitment to supporting those who serve.

Due South operates by the 90ten principle, directing 90% of every donation to wellness initiatives and maximum of 10% to administrative and general operating costs.

Join us in fostering a community dedicated to the well-being of our heroes.

The Due South Model

All Volunteers, No Wages – Guaranteed

Our Social Model

Our Engine Room

Seasonal South serves as a versatile accommodation facility playing a pivotal role as the financial cornerstone for Due South. Committed to our mission, our directors receive no financial remuneration and generously donate the facilities to support Due South.

Our oraganisation includes a large accommodation facility, Specialist and Wellness Centre. This combines 3 family apartments, 3 purposefully designed homes and an off the grid retreat located across the North West Coast of Tasmania. These facilities enable Due South to run our wellness courses and independently raise funds through functions, events, merchandise, and the upcoming launch of our Due South coffee (3rd of Feb 2024).

With a private enterprise funding model, we maintain minimal overheads and do not allocate funds for wages as we are an all volunteer team. 

At Due South we adhere to the 90ten principle ensuring that a minimum of 90% of every donation directly contributes to our wellness initiatives. The remaining 10% is allocated to cover administrative and general running costs.

Our approach reflects a dedication to transparency and responsible financial management.

Join us in our mission –  Positive people building a better community together – Setting the new standard in Veteran and First Responder wellness initiatives.