Meet Our Wellness Facilitator

Due South is proud to have Jodi Allen, our Wellness Facilitator, as part of our visiting professional’s team.

Jodi develops and facilitates our schedule of wellness and reconnection activities at our state-of-the-art Wellness Centre for current serving military, veterans, first responders and their families.

Jodi is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Counsellor, Trauma Informed Yoga Practitioner and Health Coach. She is an Airforce veteran with 14 years’ service and brings to our Wellness and Reconnection programs a wealth of experience in working with the military, veteran and first responder community.

As our Wellness Facilitator, Jodi is responsible for designing and implementing a range of diverse, innovative, and stimulating activities where wellness, resilience building, connection, and restorative approaches are central.

Jodi coordinates workshops or activities that include, but are not be limited to, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, hiking, art, nutrition and cooking, life skills, sleep, and topics of interest uniquely tailored to each group.

If you would like to work with Due South and Jodi please contact us