Due South Ambassadors

Doug Baird OAM:

Doug Baird OAM, an Australian rules footballer and a devoted ambassador for Due South. Born on 16 November 1950, Doug’s journey encapsulates not only the thrill of the game but also an enduring commitment to honour, sacrifice, and the well-being of those who have served.

In his prime, Doug graced the football fields as a formidable player with Carlton Football Club in the Victorian Football League (VFL) leaving an indelible mark with statistics correct to the end of 1970. Doug played an impressive 130 games for Cooee Football Club, including pivotal roles in the 1978 and 1982 premiership sides also was captain/coach of Ulverstone Football Club 1983/84 before returning to Melbourne. This extraordinary feat speaks not only to his skill on the field but also to his enduring commitment to excellence.

Doug’s son, Cameron Baird VC MG, emerged as an Australian soldier of exceptional courage, posthumously receiving the Victoria Cross for Australia – the highest military decoration.

As the ambassador of Due South, Doug Baird brings his passion for supporting veterans and emergency responders to the forefront. His dedication to recognising and honouring the sacrifices of theses heroes aligns seamlessly with Due South’s commitment to fostering a community that supports those who served and protected.

Doug Baird’s involvement with Due South is not just a title it’s a heartfelt endeavor to bridge legacies, Cameron Baird’s rare honour of being one of two individuals to receive both the Victoria Cross and the Medal of Gallantry propels Doug to champion a cause that is deeply personal.

In ceremonies and events, Doug proudly wears his son’s medals, symbolising the continuation of legacy defined by the courage and selflessness. Through Due South, Doug amplifies his voice and influence to advocate for the well-being of veterans and emergency responders, ensuring that their sacrifices are acknowledged, and their stories are told.

Doug Baird stands as a beacon, illustrating that the passion for honouring heroes extends far beyond the football field. His ambassadorship is a testament to the enduring spirit of those who serve and commitment to building a community that recognises, supports, and uplifts the brave individuals who have given their all.

Join Doug Baird in the honour with Due South, where legacies meet, and the heart felt service beats strong.

Doug also holds the following positions:

-Patron of the Victoria Cross Trust England
-Vice Parton Australian Bravery Association
-Ambassador Commando Association Queensland
-Vice Ambassador T.P.I Victoria
-Ambassador for ANZAC and Yellow Ribbon Australia

Doug Biard

Jarrad Wrigley

Step into the world of Jarrad Wrigley, an Australian country music sensation, and the dedicated ambassador for Due South. A proud Queensland native, Jarrad’s journey is underscored by his deep-rooted love for the Australian land and an unwavering commitment to the soul-stirring narratives of country music.

His melodic tales have not only earned him widespread acclaim but also secured multiple endorsements and sponsorships from illustrious brands such as Thomas Cook Clothing, Wrangler Western, Fenech, and more. Over the past two years, Jarrad has taken the music scene by storm, gracing stages across the vast expanse of Australia.

Jarrad’s recent venture into forming “Jarrad Wrigley and the Wrebels” has been nothing short of extraordinary, with their performances resonating across packed venues.

Beyond the captivating melodies, Jarrad Wrigley is more than an ambassador for Due South; he is a compassionate advocate for veterans and emergency responders. His passion for supporting those who have served and protected our communities is reflected in his dedicated efforts through his support of the Due South initiatives.

Jarrad believes in the power of music to heal and unify. Through his ambassadorship with Due South, he channels this belief into action by actively contributing to programs that uplift and support veterans and emergency responders. His performances not only entertain but serve as a platform to raise awareness for Australia’s unsung heroes.

When you attend a Jarrad Wrigley and the Wrebels live show, you can anticipate not only an unforgettable country-rocking experience but also a demonstration of Jarrad’s commitment to a cause larger than himself.

Join us in celebrating Jarrad Wrigley as he continues using his musical genius to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to serving Australian communities