Micro Farm

Due South Australia’s Micro Farm on Mannings Creek off the Leven River.

The enjoyment that comes from growing something to eat is one that is as old as the human race itself.

At Due South Australia’s Micro Farm we have taken the time to plan and assess the best outcomes on our micro farm.

With the North East face slope towards the creek we have set up solar systems and header tanks to support the farm.
shinrin -yoku = Forest Bathing
Nojo – yoku = Farm Bathing.

Due South Australia’s Nojo – yoku micro farm is there to heal and feed those first responders and veterans that come
through our establishment. They can take as much as they need and are able to give to those in need.

Any produce that is over and above from our needs will be gifted away to those in need.

The mental health and well being outcomes from our Nojo – Yoku Micro Farm will be beneficial to those
first responders and veterans along with their families and friends.

This is our 90ten principal in full flight of giving back to those who give so much.