Farm “Diggers Run”

Diggers run is a family owned farm in Upper Castra located 20 minutes from the North-West Tasmanian town of Ulverstone. Diggers Run is a former part of the Castra Scheme an initiative formulated to encourage former soldiers from the Anglo-Indian Army to settle in the area. With 122 acres of former plantation now being turned back to pasture to encourage sustainability and 30 acres of natural old growth timber, Diggers Run is an incredible asset to the Due South vision. The livestock we raise at Diggers Run are Angus Cross Beef Cattle, which are sold to the restock – breeding sales. We have sheep coming soon.


On the Diggers Run property we have 2 dearly loved pet mini-goats, one named Hazel and the other Holly. These 2 mischievous ladies are a crowd favorite and they keep us and our guests on their toes. We are planning to increase our pet family to include therapy animals for a hands on experience.

As a commitment to our vision of sustainability we have eliminated pesticides, use minimal sprays and use natural pest control where possible – our methods aren’t always the easiest but we believe our produce is well-worth it!

Our vision is to maintain a sustainable supply of beef cattle to the industry allowing us to create and maintain a relaxing experience to Veterans, First Responders and their families through the use of animals and environment. We also aim to grow a market garden to help provide fresh produce to the community and in doing so raise funds for Due South allowing us to support Veterans and First Responders. In time it is our goal to provide courses on growing and maintaining vegetable crops, it is our intention to skill up our community work towards a greener and more sustainable Australia.